ready to defeat burnout and renew your passion and love for Medicine?

Have you ever dreamed of a day when:

You’re no longer buried under your unfinished charts?

You’re finally caught up on the never-ending task of managing your inbox?

You’re looking forward to seeing your patients and making a difference in their lives again?

Do you feel paralyzed by feelings of desperation and aren’t sure how you can keep going if things don’t change?

Has your relentless schedule and the high stress demands of your job changed you into someone you no longer recognize?

Have you lost your passion and love for medicine?

If so, I want you to know that there’s a way to manage it all AND feel better without sacrificing your needs or your relationships with your loved ones.

But, know that:

You don’t need to quit medicine to experience a fulfilling career where you get to help others. You can reignite your passion for your patients and make a difference in their lives again– without sacrificing your own well-being in the process.

You can have a deep connection with your loved ones and be more present with them when you’re home – without the stress of medicine overflowing into all areas of your life, your relationship, your family, and your health.

I had to coach myself

There came a point in my life where I decided I couldn’t keep up what I was doing any longer. It was destroying me on the inside. I was able to coach myself from…

Overwhelmed-> Efficient at work
Miserable-> Having fun again!
Resentful-> Grateful
Disillusioned-> Hopeful
Bitter-> Feeling at peace
Burnt out-> Fulfilled
Hating medicine -> Passionate about medicine

Efficient at work


Having fun again!






Feeling at peace

Burnt out


Hating medicine

 Passionate about medicine

How it works

When we work together you’ll learn strategies to:

  • Re-discover your passion and love for medicine. 
  • Improve your relationships and enjoy deeper connections with your loved ones.
  • Overcome overwhelm, burnout and perfectionism to live your best life and make yourself a priority again. 
  • Stop people pleasing and set better boundaries to have more time to focus on what lights you up.
  • Increase your efficiency at work to have more free time to re-energize outside of the office.
  • Put the focus back on you so that you start your day with a calm and recharged energy and you’re able to handle any unexpected issues with confidence.
  • Find joy in life again, and live life with purpose and spiritual alignment so that you can live the life you deserve on your terms!

Here’s the deal

If you’ve read this far, you probably feel all of what I’ve said and more.

You find yourself feeling trapped and hopeless but searching.

You still feel a small spark for medicine and life within you and you know you need help to reignite that fire. To feed it what it needs to get it to become a blazing fire illuminating the world around you that is beautiful and full of passion, love, and well-being.

If you’re ready to defeat burnout and renew your passion and love for medicine – while enjoying deeper connections with others and living your best life…

Then I’d love to talk to you to see how we can work together through coaching to get you back on your feet.

All you need to do is schedule a strategy call with me.  This won’t be a sales call, but instead, a call to get to know each other and chat about what you’d love to see happen in your life and all of the possibilities waiting for you.

I’m so excited to be able to help women physicians re-ignite their flame and passion for life and medicine and to reclaim their best life possible today.

This is the work I do and I want to do this with you!

You in?

Apply For Coaching Here

Your personal investment in my 12-week 1:1 coaching program is $5,000.


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