The world needs mentally healthy Physicians And you need me if that’s not you, yet.

Hi, I’m Bonni!

I believe that each physician became one to create the change we want to see in the world. But too often we get stuck in a place of overwhelm and feel like the work no longer feels important, or even doable at all. I want to change that.

As a coach, I can help you restore your passion for medicine. Because medicine needs physicians like you, people gifted with compassion and a desire to heal.

I’ll provide you with the tools to help you thrive and handle the stressful challenges that come along with practicing medicine. This way, you can go home to your family fully present and energized to spend time with your loved ones.

Let’s start working together. Read my letter below:

I hit my ultimate burnout low

I originally went into medicine as I loved the sciences and working with people. I eventually realized that my passion was to specialize in Women’s Health. I loved working with women, doing surgery, and getting to delivering all those beautiful babies! But it all changed when the demands of medicine exponentially grew over the years and finally caught up to me.

I was constantly buried with never-ending unfinished charting and an In-Box that never stopped overflowing. I was treading water with my head barely above the surface.

I was miserable and grew to resent my job and my patients. I was chronically exhausted, stressed and sleep-deprived, and had neglected my self-care. I became bitter and had nothing left of me for myself or for my family. I couldn’t see an end or a way out. I knew what I was currently doing was unsustainable for the long term.

I felt desperate and hopeless. I searched for anything I could do to get out of medicine and get out of my misery. 

In 2020, after the pandemic hit, I re-discovered coaching! Coaching helped me to find myself again. I learned new tools that helped me to see my life in a new light. It helped me to reorganize my life and take back my control. I’m now able to manage my time better and empty my In-Box and complete my charting before going home!

It’s been transformative to see my life through this new lens! I no longer see myself as a victim with no way out. I’ve become empowered and am living life on my terms again!  More importantly, I have more quality time with my family and a renewed passion for medicine and patient care!

Knowing how prevalent burnout is and after seeing the amazing results I had achieved, a passion grew within me to help other struggling women physicians overcome their burnout.

I became a Certified Life Coach.

I help burnt-out women physicians…

Find their joy in life again and live life on purpose in spiritual alignment so that they can create the life they deserve on their terms.

Unlike other programs focused on general stress management, I provide a personal and safe space to connect and teach you ways to manage your mind, take action, and create lasting change to get the results you want in your life.

I had to coach myself

There came a point in my life where I decided I couldn’t keep up what I was doing any longer. would destroy me. It was destroying me on the inside. I was able to coach myself from…

Overwhelmed-> Efficient at work
Miserable-> Having fun again!
Resentful-> Grateful
Disillusioned-> Hopeful
Bitter-> Feeling at peace
Burnt out-> Fulfilled
Hating medicine -> Passionate about medicine

Efficient at work


Having fun again!






Feeling at peace

Burnt out


Hating medicine

 Passionate about medicine

It’s my passion to help you

As I helped myself and others, I realized I wanted to help other Physicians move from burnout to freedom. Let’s do this! Read my open letter to all physicians below:

She helped me to reach new heights in my life and to succeed at long-standing personal goals. 

I’m a wife, a mom to an 11 year old son, a Board Certified OB-GYN, and a Certified Life Coach! I grew up in Southern California and received my undergraduate degree in La Jolla at UCSD. I later graduated from medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio and returned to Los Angeles where I completed my OB-GYN Residency at USC.

I moved to San Francisco for a fresh start after residency to join a private practice in 2001. That’s where I met my Irish husband in 2006 at a cheesy Irish bar and we’ve been together ever since! I love traveling, going on walks, camping, and enjoying nature with my friends and our kids.  Anywhere that’s warm with an ocean view is my happy place. I also love listening to podcasts and a wide genre of music, singing in my car, binging on personal development, and spending time with my family and our dog, Mila.


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live your best life in medicine?

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